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Khloe Tan, Mother of 2 kids


Madam Joyce Lim, Grandmother


Andy Loo


My body size went from a Small to a Large after giving birth to my second child.
My weight was 58 kg. My colleagues and friends always tease me, describing me as fat and short.

I tried slimming down by controlling my diet, but that only helped maintain my weight. After a while I even started to have hair loss due to malnutrition. When I found out about Lean90, I started replacing my breakfast and dinner with it. I lost 4 kg in 2 months healthily. I am very happy with the results and I am feeling more confident now.

I have recently been taking Lean90 and I find that this product is very suitable for me as my protein intake is low. As I know, Lean90 is alkaline, plant based and is easily digested, therefore it is suitable for me as it keeps me energetic. I highly recommend it to elderly people as part of their diet to fulfil their protein requirement in order to maintain muscle mass and energy level.

I used to really enjoy delicious food, disregarding their calories, nutrition value, and effects that they have on my body. I was very overweight. After started working in an organic shop, I became more health conscious and paid more attention to what I eat. Because of Lean90’s 3 main characteristics: High alkaline, clean & lean, 98% digestible, it became my best choice in my weight-losing and muscle-building journey.

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