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Like many of us, Mr Can Lim is always ON-THE-GO lifestyle.

No time for proper healthy meals nor exercise or adequate sleep...

When his body is yelling for a change ...

when his body needs cleansing internally ...

Recently, when his friend recommended him to do a simple body fat analysis

at health fair...

Check out his body fat analysis results.

Date: 4 July 2018

Current Weight                                          Ideal Weight 

Weight : 74kg                                              Weight : 65kg

Muscle Mass : 31kg                                      Muscle Mass : 0kg

Body Fat : 19kg                                             Body Fat : -5kg

Visceral Fat : Level 7                                    Visceral Fat : Level 5

Date: 14 July 2018

Current Weight

Weight : 75kg

Muscle Mass : 33kg (+2kg)

Body Fat : 17kg (-2kg)

Visceral Fat : Level 6 (-1)

In Just 7 Days Time, He Has Achieved His First Step To Fit And Healthy Body By Reducing His Body Fat 3%, Increase Muscle Mass By 2kg And Reduced Body Fat By 2kg.

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