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90% of my friends always experiences tiredness easily. They slept for 8 hours in a day but still felt fatigue upon waking up. They also experienced stomach discomfort & indigestion. I realized that the main factor is because their body is acidic & lack of live enzymes in their diet. The only Organic & Natural way to neutralise body acidity is to …


BARLEYGREEN Premium is the perfect organic natural food, a complete whole superfood rich in anti-oxidants and essential nutrients that enhances the body’s immune system and helps delay the effects of aging.

3 Main Reasons Why You Should Take Barleygreen:

A) Detoxes & cleanses your body organs especially the colon. It directly improves digestion & absorption rate of your food
B) Neutralizes body acidity to reduces risk of getting cancer

C) Contains complete nutrients such as 16 vitamins, 17 minerals & 300 types of live enzymes which help save cost instead of buying other nutritional brand supplements.

How Long Should You Take Barleygreen?

The lifespan of red blood cells is about 100-120 days, whereas our body cells have a lifespan of about 90 days. The 100 Days Programme helps us cleanse our body cells and provide us with essential nutrients. The newly created cells and blood will be fully recharged and nourished with new bio-energy

Who need to take Barleygreen?

  • People with chronic fatigue & indigestion
  • People who’ve never tried superfood & organic supplements
  • Family history of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer
  • Organic & natural health enthusiasts
  • People committed to improve their health


Name: Nick Wong
Age: 54 year old
Occupation: Accountant

I am an accountant. I sat in the office for long hours & always felt tired. My friend recommended me to take Barleygreen. My fatique improved & I didn’t feel tired anymore. I will definitely introduce my friends & family to consume the product.

Name: Nelson
Age: 45 year old
Occupation: Businessman

I am concern about my family’s health; therefore I purchased organic superfood that is good for them. I went to a roadshow at Midvalley. The nutritionist told me that Barleygreen contains balanced nutrients & helps to neutralize body acidity. I purchased a family package for them and the result is amazing! They didn’t feel tired easily & have better digestion. Thank you for introducing this awesome Barleygreen to me.

年龄:35 岁
职业: 工程师


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