There is no need for blood drawing or expensive costs.

Get to know in just 1 minute!

Learn and see for yourself your health indexes and condition.

Caught yourself measuring your own weight daily?

In fact you’re measuring it wrongly.

Weight is not the key indicator of your body stature.

Obesity occurs when an individual’s body fat content exceeds the normal range,

Your body fat rate will provide you with a clearer and more accurate insight of your body weight in total.

You may wonder what is considered the normal body fat range. Take the test to find out for yourself!

Excessive visceral fat in the body leads to difficulty in detoxing toxin from your body naturally.

Excessive visceral fat is a sign of body metabolic disorder.

Long term visceral fat will lead to high cholesterol and cardiovascular concerns.

Here are some examples to relate to:

  • Fat accumulation in the neck causes headache and snoring.
  • Fat accumulation in the lungs leads shortness of breath.
  • Fat accumulation around the heart brings about heart diseases.
  • Fat accumulation in the foot will cause heel pain.
  • Fat accumulation in knee will cause to arthritis.
  • Fat accumulation around the intestines will lead to depression and infertility.

What you will learn from the InBody Body Fat Analysis report:

  • A better insight of your own health indexes and body condition will brings about greater understanding of your own body experiences.
  • To have a better plan as it is essential for any fitness program and help set healthy, appropriate goals.
  • To achieve the ideal body fat mass to height for the utmost healthy body.

Why you should go for Body Fat Analysis?

- for individuals to understand their own body composition better
- it tells the body water, lean body mass, body fat percentage and basal metabolic rate accurately
- suitable for all individuals* ages 12 and above
- to be able to set better fitness goals

*individuals with artificial implants like defibrillator/ pacemaker should not be treated
*women who are on their menstrual cycle may not obtain accurate results due to subtle changes in the body

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Get to know about your own body conditions in just 10 minutes!

The original price of InBody Body Composition Analysis is RM120

Promo price is now RM30.

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About WellneSs Concept

Wellness Concept was established in 2003 as a green company promoting green lifestyles. She pioneers in organic health care products which highly support nutritional concepts. In further extend to Wellness Concept’s interest, the organization believes in ways to encourage Mother Earth to return to its natural condition by creating awareness to the community in living greener lifestyle. With the reflection of simple guide such as ‘Organic, Eco-friendly and Concept of Wellness’, Wellness Concept moves with the theme ‘Good Health, True Wealth’.

Hence, our organization aspires to groom individuals towards a good natured and sustainable entrepreneurship platform that cultivates in helping others to build ‘Healthy and Wealthy’ lifestyle.

About Vivian Tan
CEO, Wellness Group

Wellness Concept was established through the joint effort of Tan sisters in 2003 in the support for organic green lifestyles. The organization believes in ‘Organic, Eco-friendly and the Concept of
Wellness’. The stringent quality standards of Wellness Concept’s range of products have earned well received certification from USDA (United States), JAS (Japan), SUPERBRANDS and USFDA. As a company, Wellness Concept is also one of the winning recipients
in the SME 100 Fast Growing Companies and won 4th place(national) in the Enterprise 50 Award besides being voted for the ‘Long-life Health & Beauty Awards 2014’ The company’s mission is to cultivate healthier nutritional concepts and to improve the quality of life. Wellness Concept also aspires to groom individuals towards sustainable entrepreneurship. Our professional network platform creates a gateway for individuals to unleash their inner potential and value. That is life of Good Health True Wealth.

What Khloe Tan says:

My body size went from a Small to a Large after giving birth to my second child. My weight was 58 kg. My colleagues and friends always tease me, describing me as fat and short. I tried slimming down by controlling my diet, but that only helped maintain my weight. After a while I even started to have hair loss due to malnutrition. When I found out about Lean90,
I started replacing my breakfast and dinner with it. I lost 4 kg in 2 months healthily. I am very happy with the results and I am feeling more confident now.

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Promo price is now RM30.

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