Are you a 'Result Oriented Person' 

willing to Accomplish on Some Great Misson in 1 - 3 Years?

Do you aspire to be a great leader in leading a team of elite players within your organisation?

Are you still finding your life purpose but yet to achieve something ‘BIG’ in your life?

If YES is your answer…you must reserve a seat with our Networking Group Coaching Seminar to uncover what precious hidden values driving deep inside you all along.

5 Benefits You Will Reap From This Seminar! 

Knowing why the organic & wellness trends have increased tremendously & become the next trillion dollar business in the next 3 to 5 years.
How to earn RM 10,000 in 3 months by sharing your passion.
How to attract potential leaders who can help you to generate 80% of your group sales.
How to use the same 5-Steps strategy in network marketing that our associates have applied to generate 5 or 6 figures revenue in 3 months.
Testimonials on how our associates achieved 5 figures income in less than 3 months.

What We Can Provide You:

Supportive nurturing system coached by professional trainers for success.

1 to 1 Mentor Mentee System that lead you to success in 90 days.

A sustainable ‘Recurring Income Platform’ with 80% of repeat order rate.

Award winning organic superfood with USDA Organic and JAS Certification.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

‘I appreciate Ms. Amy Lim for introducing me this organic business. The good news is that Wellness Concept has a simple & effective system. What I did was to share the benefits with my heart and love. It’s flexible. I can do the business anytime & anywhere. Besides, Wellness Concept also provides me with supportive system for success such as knowledge enhancement in nutrition and leadership. These helped me to earn RM 4.5K in the first month & I started to recruit more friends along to grow my dream and others towards financial freedom!'

Theresa (Director)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

'I was exposed to Wellness Concept because Adrene Tan shared the opportunity with me. I would like to thank her because this wellness business helped me to achieve my current rank, Sapphire Director, with a cheque of 4 figure income in 30 days. Wellness Concept provides me with a sustainable & systematic recurring income platform with 80% of repeat order rate. Last but not least, I introduced this organic business to my best friend, Teresa Chin and helped my team to achieve 4 figure income in 30 days!'

Amy (Owner of Beauty Saloon) 

Who Must Join this Seminar?

Perfectly designed for those...

  • Eager to earn extra income while achieving your life goals in 1 to 3 years
  • Passionate about nutrition & interested to build organic industry
  • Interested in meeting people to build teams

Not suitable for those...

  • Not believing in networking and its power of duplication
  • Without craving interest to lead an elite team
  • Not ready to commit weekly training towards knowledge and skills enhancement

About Wellness Concept 

Wellness Concept is one of the leading organisations established in 2003 with a high belief in creating organic green lifestyle through the development of organic health giving products. The stringent quality standards of Wellness Concept’s range of products have earned well received certification from USDA (United States) and JAS (Japan). She is also one of the winning recipients in the SME 100 Fast Growing Companies and won 4th place (national) in the Enterprise 50 Award.

The company’s mission is to cultivate healthier nutritional concepts and to improve the quality of life. Hence, Wellness Concept aspires to groom individuals towards a good willed and sustainable entrepreneurship. Our professional network platform creates a gateway for individuals to unleash their inner potential and value. The gift is always priceless in creating greatness while helping people pave better life change. Imagine - Bringing smiles to many while realizing your freedom and dream. That is life of Good Health True Wealth.

Act Now, Grab Success Today.

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