Reduce Corporate Healthcare Costs?

Today firms and employees are battling with the exceeding medical costs. Employees are facing overbearing medical and consultation fees at a doctor’s clinic, healthcare centres and hospitals.

Ensuring principled measures in not compromising with simple solutions such as curbing benefits and respective privileges of employees but instead taking the opportunity to build professional trust towards humanity, more companies today are enrolling into wellness programmes as a way of managing high healthcare costs.

An effective Wellness Programme improves staffs’ competencies and productive performances while decreasing resources spent on frequent health complications of workers.

Wellness Academy provides a range of Wellness Programmes to help organisations to achieve optimal human capital productivity.

Our Wellness Corporate Programmes:

Health Screening

Allows employees understand their body and possible toxicity in 10 minutes.

Health & Motivational Talk

Educates employees in understanding nutrition and health importance.

Wellness Retreat: Fun & Healthy Outdoor Activities and Health Training

Provides an excellent stress-free platform that encourages team bonding and Improve employees’ physical and mental health.

Healthy Food and Organic Detox Juice Catering

Meals that meet daily recommended nutrient intake calculated by certified dietitians.

Yes! Let's be Healthy &
Book your FIRST TRIAL with Our Health Screening
at RM38 per pax only!(NP: RM120)

More About Wellness Corporate Programmes

About Wellness Academy

Wellness Academy is a gateway providing two innovative channels for knowledge and training. The first nourishes health themed programmes, whereas the second builds on personal development.

The ‘Health Themed Channel’ educates members, business partners and corporate groups with knowledge on nutrition; diets; Wellness Concept’s products, its benefits and features; and general health maintenance for ‘Good Health’. The sole purpose of this section of education is to highlight the importance of health and nutrition.

Wellness Academy has a dedicated team of experienced health care professionals to educate and inspire corporate organisations and the public in making healthy choices towards better living.

Yes! Let's be Healthy &
Book your FIRST TRIAL with Our Health Screening
at RM38 per pax only!(NP: RM120)