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How To Identify
TOP 5 Signs
When You Have
Toxins Trapped In Your Body?


We accumulate toxins in our body simply by being alive; did you know that?

Toxins accumulation in population with certain “extracurricular activities” is much quicker than others! These factors are heavily-processed foods, consumption of alcohol and stressful lifestyle. In long term, toxins slow down human metabolism, and further lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer!

Causes of Body Acidity

(Processed Food, Meal)
Lack of
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Here are Five Signs That You Have Trapped Toxins In Your Body:

1. Poor Digestive Health

70% of your immune system is ‘located’ in the gut. Toxin accumulation may affect the digestive function & further lead to fatigue and impairment of the immune system. When toxins build up in our system, it’s very difficult for the digestive system to function normally.

2. Skin problems

Acne, rashes and skin inflammation are the indicators of toxin accumulation. For instance, Acne is a dermatologic condition that reflects a heavy concentration of toxins. Other skin conditions that may indicate the presence of toxins: swollen eyes, psoriasis and eczema.

3. Bad Breath

Bad breath is a sign of toxic overload and a good indicator to start cleaning up your diet and avoid chemicals in food and cosmetics. Toxins are a burden on our organs of detoxification including the liver, GI tract and skin. When these get overworked they might not be able to dispose of the toxins properly.

4. Uncontrolled Weight Gain

Obese population has high levels of toxins in their body. This is because toxins are stored in the fat cells and as you accumulate more and more toxins in your body, more storage space is needed and your body holds on to the fat cells. Bear in mind that you release some of the toxins when you lose fat. It’s important to drink plenty of water to flush toxins from your body.

5. Lethargic Episodes

If you’re getting seven-plus hours of sleep and still finding it difficult to get through the day, toxins are a potential source. Toxins in the body cause all sorts of short- and long-term health issues including constant tiredness and fatigue. So when we detoxify and cleanse the body of toxins, we give the body a chance to repair and strengthen itself - and when the toxins disappear, guess what happens to the protective layer of fat...yes, that disappears too!

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Make an appointment for a Body Toxin Analysis with Wellness Concept

What You Will Learn in this BODY TOXINS ANALYSIS:

  • To help you better understand your body acidity, cholesterol level or toxicity level and how to reduce them.
  • How to balance the entire body's ecosystem if you have an acidic body after analysis.
  • How to reduce uric acid crystal from the blood stream to prevent gout, arthritis and swelling in joints.
  • How to expand blood capillaries and prevent distribution of harmful toxin throughout the body and organs.

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Now, we are offering our Body Toxins Analysis at RM38
only instead of the original price of RM120.

Make an appointment for a Body Toxin Analysis with Wellness Concept

About Wellnes Concept

Wellness Concept was established in 2003 as a green company promoting green lifestyles. She pioneers in organic health care products which highly support nutritional concepts. In further extend to Wellness Concept’s interest, the organization believes in ways to encourage Mother Earth to return to its natural condition by creating awareness to the community in living greener lifestyle. With the reflection of simple guide such as ‘Organic, Eco-friendly and Concept of Wellness’, Wellness Concept moves with the theme ‘Good Health, True Wealth’.

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